Franchise marketing is a dynamic process that requires a lot of time, labour, and investment. Over the last couple of decades with the onset of technology and the emergence of new marketing channels franchise promotion has also spilled over into the online realm.

And with the franchise culture on a rise in the UK and over 89% of people looking up the products or services they need on their smartphones at least once a week, it has become crystal clear that franchise businesses simply cannot survive without comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing can help franchises rise above their competitors, expand its customer base, and achieve higher conversion rates. Services like local SEO, PPC, social media, and listing optimisation can help franchisers attract more customers and drive up their conversion rate.

At Liftrank Media, we combine research, creative brainpower, and technical skills to help franchise businesses engage with their clients, amplify their online presence, and drive qualified traffic to their website. We have years of experience in this domain and have helped hundreds of businesses in the UK and elsewhere in the world weave a memorable digital experience for their clients.


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