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PPC advertising can be thunderously powerful when done right. At Liftrank Media, we have a team of highly technical PPC specialists who have ample experience in designing, implementing, and managing many high-quality PPC campaigns.

We use a combination of targeted keywords, ad messaging and site experience to create custom PPC campaigns, suited to the specific requirements and goals of your business. Once a PPC campaign has been implemented, we manage it by monitoring its results and updating it accordingly.

If you want to harness the power of PPC campaigns to the fullest, we can help. Get in touch with our PPC specialists and increase your site traffic, conversions and brand awareness in one go!

Transparent reporting

Precise and transparent reporting is the cornerstone of marketing, and we are firm believers in transparency. That is why we go out of our way to keep you in the loop.

Our tri-layered reporting process makes it very easy for our clients to remain updated and monitor our progress. You will receive:

  • A progress report containing a statistical analysis of your campaign and its results
  • A full-fledged log report that contains a complete breakdown of hours spent on your project
  • A work report detailing the tasks associated with your campaign
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Getting started with Liftrank

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Step 1
Business & Industry Analysis
Our PPC experts use advanced tools and analytics to perform a comprehensive analysis of your business, sector, and industry.
Step 4
Campaign Execution
This step involves planning out your PPC campaign and implementing it properly to ensure that it yields measurable results.
Step 2
Keyword Research
We perform a full-fledge competitor and target-industry analysis using various tools to harvest target keywords and phrases for your PPC campaign.
Step 5
A/B Testing

Once your PPC campaign goes live, we track, monitor and analyse its results. Our PPC team also uses the latest tools to draw comparisons and measure the efficiency of your campaign.

Step 3
Audience Plan
Our PPC experts develop a clear understanding of the market segments you are targeting. Once we have client profiles to work with, our experts design custom PPC campaigns to cater to your requirements and fit your budget.
Step 6
Routine Optimisation
Our specialists continue monitoring your PPC campaign and measuring its results. We also make relevant changes, remove negative keywords and optimise your campaign, if the need arises.

Getting started with Liftrank

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  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Implementation
  • A/B Testing and Adjustments
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These are some of our awesome features that you will love with

Quick and Quantifiable Results

PPC campaigns do not take a lot of time to yield solid and measurable results - and profits. You can easily monitor your PPC performance and even benefit from transparent reports.

Get Qualified Leads

Our pay-per-click strategies were devised to draw only interested customers to your webpages. That way, you get qualified traffic and better rankings.

Save Money and Time

A well-planned and well-integrated digital campaign can remarkably reduce the time, money, and effort it takes to attract prospective clients.